Solar Activation Healing Journey

This Sacred Sound Journey was created from a deep journey and experience within the Solar Logos, which I then later understood was a deep revelation and Solar Activation. I then proceeded to spend many months making this sacred sound transmission.

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Solar Activation Healing Journey

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Artist: J Rokka
Label: J Rokka Music
Composer: Jerome Zoran
YouTube channel: J Rokka Sacred Sound


Ascended Master Chung Fu speaks of The Solar Logos.

"The Sun Beings who are made of light come forward into your world, to clear the pathways for the New Creation. You have been chosen, for your light is bright and can carry our radiance. You must understand, at this time in your world, we are calling those who can carry our radiance. Our call is strong, and it is felt inside the heart. As we pulse the light, it manifests in your world as electrical force, directly into the auric field. And so you have been prepared, all of those who have been called for this work. You find yourself, oftentimes compressed, by the power of the beam, it pushes inside the auric field. It pushes against all that would resist it. The only way is to surrender to its vast power, understanding that you have called first to us, in your prayers. With powerful sounds on the inside of your souls, you have called to us. From places of relative darkness, you have called for light. 

Dear ones be ready, for the light is pulsing into your world now. We have come through layers and layers, through many levels, pushing through great resistance. We will tell you these stories in years to come, of how the Solar Lords have come forward to your world, to embrace you, to lift you up, to bring you out, into joy and harmony. Into peace and love. Yours is a wonderful Creation dear ones. Know that we are together. We come forward to assist you in all that you do. We are the answering of your prayers, the pure light which makes the forms of wonder that inhabit this world in which you live.

Receive us dear ones, for we are the Love that Pulses from the Heart of The Centre of the Universe,
we are the Rays that carry that Love into manifestation,
we are the Wings that lift you higher and higher,
we are the Power that grounds you deeper and deeper,
we are the Light from which you are made.
Feel us. Receive us. Open your hearts. Drink in the Light. And know that all is well."

Total running time: 01:04:19

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