“Working with Jerome at his studio was an incredible experience. His musicianship and intuitive production skills are superb. As a composer of the music for my first two guided meditation CDs, he was phenomenal, always knowing exactly what I wanted and what was needed, to create a powerfully experiential journey for the listener. I would recommend him to anyone who needs an accomplished, musician, composer and producer!”

Madeleine Walker  

“Jerome is a great producer and person who makes you feel comfortable in the studio. This is crucial to perform at one’s best. Jerome produced a song for me that got into an A list on Swedish Radio for 6 weeks!”

Peter Wickstrom – Entrepreneur / Singer Songwriter

“I can honestly say that Jerome is one of the best you could hope to work with, for several reasons. Firstly his cheery and welcoming presence puts you completely at ease and allows you to focus on the creativity at hand. Not only is he an exceptionally gifted and classically trained musician (he is a phenomenal cellist) but he also has vast experience of the technical side of running a recording studio and producing and engineering tracks.


He is able to perceive sound at a deeper level than most with a finely tuned ear that can pick out the most subtle details in a recording or composition that require tweaking with crystalline clarity. He is so intuitive that working with him doesn’t feel like work at all; in fact he quickly helps you find your groove and the music just springs forth mellifluously and effortless from the start of the session. With his brilliant insight and intrinsic feel for even the most eclectic styles of music he can quickly and intuitively build your track so that the finished result sounds warm and rich with great rhythm and full tones across the range of frequencies without taking away from or unduly influencing your own unique style or sound.


It is a pleasure to see this man in his element taking command of a plethora of gizmos to weave this wonderful wizardry. Furthermore Jerome has the patience and aura of a saint, and is full of effusive praise and positivity even when you feel you are perhaps not delivering to an optimal standard yourself. This isn’t simply sycophantic ego massaging but rather the moral support and encouragement that is so essential in unlocking your best potential.


In this way he feels like a spiritual mentor so that the experience is in sharp contrast to most of the impersonal service I’ve experienced in other commercial studios.


It’s no exaggeration to say that you will enter the studio as a client and leave as a friend. There must be something very special in the water where he’s from and it feels like this mystical element is imbued into your studio session so that you can create something truly wondrous and meaningful. Six stars out of five.”


Alasdair Altito Purves

“Jerome is a joy to work with and always brings the positive vibes. He will help to bring out the best in your performance / writing and will then make it sound even better!”

Andrew Neil Hayes
Professional Alto Sax and Soprano Sax Player

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