J Rokka

Jerome Zoran

Jerome Zoran aka J Rokka is striving for the stars, inspired by the beauty of Mother Earth. Based in Glastonbury, the Sacred Isle of Avalon, Jerome is a sound healer and sacred sound designer, who has been creating sacred music for the Divine for over ten years. 

Jerome’s soundscapes have been created to bring the listener right inside the deep realms of Spirit, the Divine Realms of Love and Light. 

This is music to create Temple space, music for ritual and ceremony. Music for meditation, therapy and yoga, music for motivation, for creating open-hearted emotional presence and deep soul connection.

Jerome grew up expressing his love for the world around him through poetry, rapping, singing, and musical composition, and quickly found a love for music production under the alias J Rokka. Jerome’s spiritual development path has taken him on a deep and beautiful journey with the Goddess and with many other Divine Beings. He is an initiated Priest of Goddess Isis, and serves the Divine Feminine and Masculine in Glastonbury. Along with his mother, Sally Pullinger, and his sister Sophie Pullinger, Jerome co-runs the Chung Fu Temple and produces all of the guided meditations and teachings from spirit guide Chung Fu. For many years Jerome has also been honoured to create soundscapes for the opening ceremony of the Glastonbury Goddess Conference, the largest gathering of Goddess-loving women and men in the world. He also regularly creates ritual music for the Glastonbury Goddess Temple as part of their creative team. Jerome runs his own music studio, J Rokka Music, in Glastonbury.

This is music channelled from the Elven Realms, from Divine Realms of Light and Sound, for deep nourishment, healing and inspiration. Entering into Jerome’s magical world of sound is an invitation to connect more deeply with your own soul.

For more about the Chung Fu Temple in Glastonbury, visit www.deepsoulconnection.com

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