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Artist: J Rokka
Label: J Rokka Music
Composer: Jerome Zoran
YouTube channel: J Rokka Sacred Sound


Great Blessings to you 😊

I'm Jerome Zoran, Shungite Empowerment Coach,

Sacred Sound Mentor and an initiated Priest of the Goddess.

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My Divine Team and I bring you healing music from the

ancient Isle of Avalon, Glastonbury, UK, and from the many

Sacred Temple Sites all over the globe of Mother Gaia.

My Creations and Offerings: would be my great honour to lead you on magical

meditations, deep soul sacred sound journeys, and retreats

here in the heart of Avalon, Glastonbury Uk, where we work to

help rebalance the divine, feminine, and divine masculine

energies of our beings. It's my mission to assist you to raise

your vibration, to help you bring in your higher self, and the

power of your muse so that you can ground your soul's

purpose into this life. You need all that you can get to take

your energy up, and that's why we're bringing forward to you a

two billion year old stone that can assist you at the deepest

levels. Come on this journey with me and discover how

Shungite and your power of sound can assist in helping you

take your best steps forward into a future of deep abundance,

prosperity, and how this energy can help everything and

everyone around you. It would be my great honour to assist

you in all of these ways.

The work that we are dedicated to in the world at this time...

....It is a work of upliftment, of regeneration, of remembering,

of deep soul empowerment with the use of many magical

crystals and Shungite stones.

It's a work fundamentally of causal healing.

To help you discover the cause of any dysfunction,

any disempowerment, any loss, any pain, to help you discover

and bring to that cause, to that place, that original wound, that

original event. All of your presence to arrive back into yourself,

to bring your power, to bring your higher self, and to meet and

take hold of, embrace and integrate and thus 100 % heal what

you have brought into this life to evolve with, or we can say to

heal. All beings upon the Earth are here to heal.

They are here to evolve.

To heal in that sense means to become whole.

And each one who is upon the Earth is here to evolve and

become more whole, to bring more of themselves in.

This is a time of enormous opportunity for this, for the

energies, the Christ energies, the creation energies coming

from the Solar Logos, the center of creation, are very intense

at this time. Not just on Earth, throughout the universe,

and they give this opportunity for a huge leap forward in


You will hear about this in all sorts of ways.

My part of the work, what I am offering is to understand the

mechanism of change to understand how to bring heart, mind,

body into alignment with your higher-self....

How to really avail yourself of all that you are, to become

powerful in that application...

....because life flows on and it's not just to heal one thing,

it's to heal the whole of your life, the whole of your attitude

towards your capacity, to bring that capacity forward,

to realise yourself. You can say that throughout time,

many beings that have arrived as Priests and Priestesses

have called many ascended beings to come and work within

humanity. And through out time, humanity evolves assisted

with special divine leadership....

and so as the times change, the needs change...

but as is plain to see the divine teachings that emanate to us

all, which are more relevant in so many deep ways than ever

before, do not always reach the very modern expressions of

the pains, the fears, the situations, both globally and

personally, that you find yourselves challenged with.

This work now is to bring you forward out of any place you

might be, stuck, any old wounds that are holding you back,

forward into present time to understand the incredible potential

of your life at this time in your world that you have chosen to

be to come. The special reasons, they can be very personal,

very particular, or they can be very much a life of service that

you are on the edge of bringing forward, or they may be that

you are in a life of service and you still have something to

untangle in that causal, deep part of your soul. I am coming

forward to work in that way with you and each one will have

your very personal and very unique picture of where you are at

this time in your life, what challenges you, what calls you,

and how to work between that challenge and that call to bring

all of you to be fully present in your life in the beauty way and

to express the whole of you.

Blessings, peace and great love to you Jerome Zoran

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