In the Temple of White Tara Vol. 1

An invocation to the Divine Mother of Paradise, this soundscape takes you deep into the cave of the Ancient Mother of all Life.

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Artist: J Rokka
Label: J Rokka Music
Composer: Jerome Zoran
YouTube channel: J Rokka Sacred Sound


Ascended Master Chung Fu, who had many lifetimes as a Tibetan monk and lama, brings you a series of ancient chants to honour White Tara, Goddess of Purity, Heavenly Tara, Goddess Mother.
White Tara is also known as "the Mother of all Buddhas" , She is the perfect embodiment of purity, graceful power, and wisdom...Sometimes White Tara is called "the Goddess of Seven Eyes" because, in addition to the third eye, we sometimes see Her with eyes in Her hands and feet.

Enjoy the beautiful voice of Jerome Zoran singing these ancient White Tara chants to a background of sacred sounds, including crystal bowls, didgeridoo, concert harp.

Total running time: 10:41

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