Paradise in the Lush Lands of Avalon

Sounds Dedicated to the Lady of the Lake

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Artist: J Rokka
Label: J Rokka Music
Composer: Jerome Zoran
YouTube channel: J Rokka Sacred Sound


Avalon is a spiritual landscape, a gateway between the worlds of above and below, a place of magic and transformation, a place of myths and legends, a place where faeries and otherworld beings dwell. The Lady of the Lake is a being from another world who sometimes appears to human beings. In the tales of King Arthur, the Lady of the Lake is named as Nimue and Vivienne and has magical healing powers. To this day, she is still known to appear to pilgrims who come to seek her presence, and some believe she was once known as Celtic Coventina.

For centuries people have journeyed to Avalon to seek the wisdom of the spirit beings who are famed to dwell there on the edge between the worlds.

Enjoy this wonderful soundscape as Jerome Zoran takes you deep into the Lush Lands of magical Avalon where you can imagine you are crossing the Lake where the Lady Nimue dwells and feel her pouring her healing power into you.

Total running time: 01:01:43

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