Grounding Journey with Mother Gaia and Her Power Beings

We all need help with coming back into ourselves in these times that are so full of the demands and needs of others and of our working lives.

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Artist: J Rokka
Label: J Rokka Music
Composer: Jerome Zoran
YouTube channel: J Rokka Sacred Sound


In this sound journey, Jerome assists us to see into our light body, into our chakras, and connect ourselves into the earth’s energy body to recharge with the positive electro-magnetic earth field. We are introduced to many of our power beings, allies, and relations who dwell inside and around Mother Earth’s body. We move through the different spaces and meet the elemental beings, magical beings, and archetypal animal relations who bestow their powers and qualities upon us for our healing, evolution and upliftment.

A wonderful rich and nourishing journey deep into the layers of our psyche to restore strength and vitality for soul, mind, heart and body.

Total running time: 43:42

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