Emotional Release Practice

Jerome Zoran, sound and crystal healer, helps you to access your emotional body and express and release old content that may be held there.

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Artist: J Rokka
Label: J Rokka Music
Composer: Jerome Zoran
YouTube channel: J Rokka Sacred Sound


You are encouraged to breathe and focus your attention deep within your being and to open up to the Spirit Presences around you in the Light World allowing yourself to feel safe enough to make sounds, that at first might feel uncomfortable or unpleasant.

Call on the Healing Sound Beings to help you bring the sounds of your emotions into expression. Listen to what each part of your body is ‘saying’ on the inside. Allow yourself to fully relax into the experience of noticing deep sensations inside your body, that you may never have fully registered before, where you may be so used to exhaustion, burdens, pain and suppressed emotions. Use the breath to allow emotional content to start moving out of your body, visualise water flowing, travelling back to where your body remembers pain or discomfort.

Jerome helps you feel comfortable to make whatever sound you need to make, letting it be what it is, not trying to make it be ‘nice’ or ‘tuneful’, just allowing your body to express your truth. You are encouraged to make a gift of your expressed emotions and breathe them into an Orb of Light to be absorbed by the Central Sun. Let your tears flow, let them clear your water body, your emotional body, so that new energy from the Divine Source can pour into you.

Track running times:

  1. Introduction, explanation and guided visualisation: 19:12
  2. Guided Visualisation: 12:25
  3. Healing Sounds: 20:01

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