Tsesit Rock

Tsesit Rocks (pronounced Tes-it) are ancient and rare prehistoric stones from Namibia, Africa. They are powerful allies for ancestral healing work, and deep Earth connection.


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Each Tsesit Rock is roughly 1-1.5 cm across in diameter. Exact size, colour and weight can vary.


Here are some words of wisdom on Tsesit Rocks from Ascended Master Chung Fu:

‘Tsesit Rocks’ are ancient and working with them helps deep soul awareness to come through…

Tsesit Rocks for Ancient Ancestral Connection

Since ancient times, the spiritual teachers who hold space, and have big Sangha’s and Ashram's used many crystals for holding and healing within their communities. But the Tsesit Rocks especially are very powerful for holding, for bonding, for the kinds of communion that can happen between souls that are awake that are in that sense in love with the divine, and who are willing to see in each other the truth and are in that kind of love, that kind of love that is that will unify you, because it is it is for the right reasons.

It is because the love that comes from deep inside your heart that is connected to the divine never lies. It doesn't pretend. It can't pretend and this real love this real bonding is something that Tsesit Rock brings you.. you can feel it.

They work very well with Shungite. And they're of a similar age.. of at least 2 Billion years old, and these Tsesit Rocks have made their way up from the Earth's mantle.

They're so so ancient… they're beyond ancient. And so they hold the knowledge of the Earth's core. So as a position in the Universe, in the cosmos, they have that cosmic power and they're very rare in that sense. But they work very well with Shungite.

Tsesit Rocks have captured the Sunlight from Source

Tsesit Rocks hold the sunlight that was originally projected into the Earth's core, which is very hot, of course. And so there's great power of sunlight within these rocks. Again, it's a contradiction, isn't it? In this dark stone is all this light. And that's meant as a good observation, that that's a similarity.

So when you're working at unity, working at connection, the Tsesit Rock is really helping the bonding, helping, shall we say, a soul retrieval, and you're bringing back wholeness into the family when there's been ancestral craziness, or separation, or great pain and trauma.

The Tsesit Rock is so good in its power to literally help you ground, come back to source, come back to base, not exactly start again, but bringing an energy of courage.
There does have to be a lot of courage in some of the healing that has to happen in families to create that unity.

Also it applies planetarily, that the earth is going through an enormous planetary shift… we literally say, is a shift of consciousness.

Earth is evolving. The Being of Earth needs to know that all the Beings are in alignment, if you like, she wants it so that there's no one who doesn't understand. And actually there are a lot of people who don't understand.

And so oftentimes, if you have someone, for example, who's on the edge, they don't quite understand the divine plan, they don't quite believe it's that big...
...this rock is going to help them because it's also quite small, of course, can go into a pocket, into a purse, and for them to rub it a bit like the genie, you know, you rub it and you can actually almost hear that. It's like a deep sound of a deep mountain.

And you see, that's it, it's deep inside you, it's deep inside the earth, but actually it's opening you up. So it has that ability to open you up to love.

If you have had, you know, a difficult affair or some sort of separation as well. It’s going to really help you heal a lot.

Tsesit Rocks for Water Purification

The other interesting thing is with water purification…Tsesit Rocks are very high in iron, ancient ancient iron. So they work amazingly with the Shungite water purification process, if you put a couple of these in with your Shungite water bottle using 100 grams of Elite Shungite per one litre of water. So it's a very highly intelligent rock indeed!

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