Shungite Bracelet

Beautiful grade II shungite bracelets, perfect to wear for every day EMF protection.

Each shungite bracelet is 6 mm in diameter.

All sales of shungite also include a bonus MP3 download, “Journey to the Shungite Temple of Amonshungine.” In this guided meditation, spirit guide Chung Fu takes you deep into the Temples of Shungite to meet with the oversoul warrior deities of the shungite crystal realms, Amonshungine. 

As you work with your shungite, here is a short Invocation you might like to use or adapt in any way you choose:

“I call forth and command Amonshungine, Deity of the Shungite Realms, to come into my crystals today to strengthen and protect my electromagnetic field and to aid and assist me in my evolution.”

Shungite is known for boosting energy and the immune system, balancing mind and emotions, protecting from harmful EMFs, and detoxification and purification of the body. Due to the stone’s electric-conducting properties, it is a great grounder, which people can use for meditation.

Types of Shungite stones

Shungite stones are generally divided into three grades depending on their carbon content. Grade III shungite is 30-50% carbon, Grade II (Petrovksy Shungite) is 50-70% shungite and Grade I (Noble Elite Shungite) is 90-98% carbon. Grades II-III can be made into shapes easily and is used to make most shungite jewellery. Noble Elite shungite is more fragile, lighter in weight (due to being almost pure carbon) and is sold mostly in its raw, natural shaped form.

How to Use Your Elite Shungite

Elite Shungite is the purest and rarest form of the shungite mineral, being composed of 90-98% carbon. Elite shungite contains a high percentage of the fullerene molecule (C60) which has powerful cleansing and protective effects on the body.

Suggestions for how to use your elite shungite pieces include:

  • In your home: Place elite shungite by your bed while you sleep or near your workspace to provide you with a powerful grounding energy and protection from geopathic stress
  • Protection from EMFs: Carry a piece in your pocket or place on/near your devices and computers to reduce electromagnetic stress
  • Water purification: Add your elite shungite pieces to water to create energised, shungite water with many health benefits
  • Energy work and meditation: Placing pieces of shungite on the body (one piece for each of the 7 chakras is recommended) is a powerful way to cleanse and rejuvenate the entire body system
  • Crystal grid work: Add shungite to your crystal grids, or create a crystal grid wth 3-6 pieces of shungite. When shungite is added to a grid, it powerfully magnifies the effects of the other crystals. Shungite brings the energy of grounding, psychic protection, and the ancient manifesting power of the Earth (shungite is believed to be around 2 billion years old).


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