Root Chakra: Madagascan Black Tourmaline Cluster (Grade A)

These stunning pieces of black tourmaline are the perfect tools to use in root chakra healing, and womb healing work.


10 in stock

Exact weight and colours vary between chunks (35-45 g).

As you work with your black tourmaline, you may like to call in the Goddess Kali, who according to Ascended Master Chung Fu, is the oversoul deity of the tourmaline crystal realms. Here is a short Invocation you might like to use or adapt in any way you choose:

"I call forth and command Goddess Kali, the Over Soul Deity of the Dragonine Tourmaline Realms to be with me as I journey and strengthen my Being with my Madagascan Black Tourmaline, I give thanks, Blessed Be."

Here are some words of wisdom on Tourmaline from Ascended Master Chung Fu:


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