Crown Chakra: Amethyst Geode Cluster Piece

These raw geode clusters of amethyst carry a strong healing energy particularly associated with the Crown Chakra centre.


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Amethyst geode pieces are each approx. 3 inches long; size, weight and colour will vary.

Amethyst's Healing Properties and Powers

Insights from Ascended Master Chung Fu:

“Amethyst has a very special vibration.
This is a wonderful crystal for meditation, for clarity of mind, for connection to your higher self. It has a very special affinity with the Crown Centre and the Third Eye.

When you pick up this Amethyst, you're going to get that sense of clarity, that sense of connection almost without trying. These amethyst pieces have a very strong energy.

Amethyst and vision
If you put them on your eyes, you can feel such a deep feeling for the eyes. Amethyst is very strong for vision, for clearing vision – again it's the same on the physical level, clearing the view, clearing the Crown Centre, clearing the Third Eye, clearing the eyes.

Working with Amethyst and the Hara
We often talk about the Fourth Eye. You've got the third eye, at your brow centre, which connects with the crown. You've also got the fourth eye, which is the Hara.

So if you if you put an Amethyst on your third eye and your Hara, what you're going to do is align those so-called eyes, the vision, the intuition, the instinct of this deep Hara centre and your clear vision and mental body aligning to your Higher Self. This indeed is very strong.

Amethyst and Life Force Chi
There is an energy connection here in these Amethysts in connection with the kidneys and the Chi, the life force of the kidneys.

That if you have something there in your kidneys, if you've got a blockage of any kind, the Amethyst is very strong to work on clearing the kidneys and the adrenals.

These crystals have got a lot of life force, which we could say all crystals have in different ways. But there is a clearing energy, very particular to the kidneys, connected to Amethyst.

Using Amethyst to dispel fear
If you’ve got more than one piece, even one for each Chakra, a Chakra Set of Amethyst... this can really help to bring a lot of Chi forward to your different kinds of vision, inner vision and outer vision, the powers of Amethyst.

Working with amethyst in this way will bring an elevation of consciousness throughout the body. So when you're feeling a little bit down, a bit heavy again, if you have a lot of Amethyst, you can put it all over your body which is going to be very uplifting and energising in that sense of the thought forms being more positive.

And you really need quite a lot of that at present because you've got a lot of negativity around you, a lot of fear.

And that's another thing that Amethyst counters is what you could call irrational fears and brings you into really knowing, seeing, and bringing back your spiritual sight.

Blessings and Peace.”

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