Solar Plexus: Rare Golden Citrine S

These beautiful rare natural golden citrines are the optimum crystal for use with boosting and healing the solar plexus chakra.


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Each citrine weighs between 15-20 g (exact sizes vary).

Here are some words of wisdom on Citrine and its Angelic Connection from Ascended Master Chung Fu:

"I want talk about Angels, Ascended Beings, Ascended Masters. I want talk about the Christ Light, The Solar Logos, to understand the Solar energy coming in at this time.

To realise who you are and what is possible when you use Crystals to help you open up.

The citrine has such a vibration on its own, you can see it, look, it's just glowing with great power and light.

And you are a crystal, and when you put that Citrine on your centre, what happens is you get a vibrational uplift, and if you looked inside if you could see whats happening inside the Crystal its actually changing it's energy as it tunes in or becomes part of your energetic body.

So crystals are very solid, there they are, you feel them there quite physical, on the other hand when you work with them when you breath with them when you sense them and open up, after a while, maybe a week, sometimes two, as you use them every day.

What happens is that, you will notice your sensations changing.
So with Citrine, it's filled this Golden Light, this energy from the Source, this is a Christ Light Crystal Sourcing Crystal.

Here we have the Solar Plexus in connection with this Citrine opening right up, and letting that Solar Light within you come out, because that's really why the Great Mother Earth is bringing Crystals to you more and more.

It is because this attunement with the Crystalline Beings helps you to open up. And when you open you become a healing vessel, who is going to work with Mother Earth and all consciousness for the change, for the transformation that is happening from deep within the Earth and from within the Cosmos.

So we're talking about transformation, we're talking about the Christ Light, The Solar Logos, and the Crystals... all of them being in a great harmony and symphony of working together.

And you could say that the Golden energy that comes through this crystal through Angelic Realms... it has a sound, it has a tone, it loves to work with sound this Golden Citrine, and Jerome does a lot of sound vibrating through the Citrine because it particularly amplifies the certain sounds, you have to find those sounds, but its very powerful to connect you to the Angelic Realms, and to bring in that Golden Light.

And even though I said here for the Solar Plexus, I just want to also say that it has an affinity similarly to Amethyst to the Crown centre, because of that Golden Light and the connection between the Crown and The Solar Plexus."

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