Double-Terminated Amatrine

These beautiful, and rare, double terminated amatrines combine the healing powers of amethyst and citrine in a single specimen crystal.


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Three available. Size/exact colours of each crystal vary, between 4-5.5 cm in maximum length.
Photos show both in natural light, and with a torch shone through, displaying the incredible kaleidoscope of colours within amatrine!

Combining both the power of amethyst (Crown Chakra) and citrine (Solar Plexus Chakra) these amatrine points make a powerful addition to your personal chakra set of crystals, or for amplifying and harmonising energies within your crystal grids.

Ametrine crystals are a perfect unification of Amethyst and Citrine that form naturally as a quarts structure and combines the healing powers of both Amethyst and Citrine..

Healing Properties and Powers of Ametrine

  • Opens you up to the Ascended Violet Flame Cosmic Energy
  • Builds Root/Base Chakra Power
  • Improves Sexual Energy Flow
  • Empowers 3rd Eye Vision, Helping Ones Inner Visionary take Root
  • Aids you in Manifesting your Dreams
  • Relieves Stress
  • Aids in your Spiritual Growth and Awareness
  • Boosts Creativity
  • Helps in the Healing of Body, Mind and Soul
  • Brings Strength and Alignment
  • Balances Male & Female Energies Within
  • Balances Root and Crown

Ametrine helps your mind clear the stress hormone cortisol and helps  rid the head of tension.  Ametrine helps one to balance and move emotion, and can help to lift out of your Being any places of depression.  Ametrine helps one to point ones' focus to self love and compassion for the struggles of Inner Spiritual work, which in turn helps one to enhance compatibility and acceptance of others.  It boosts creative power and teaches you to stand in your true power guiding One to take to take full responsibility of Ones' Life.  Ametrine helps one to strengthen ones focus, boosting clarity, harmonising perception and action.  Ametrine’s power brings about change in an easeful way flowing to beautiful harmonious transition.

Ametrine can make strong ones' immune system, helping ones' autonomic nervous system, which can manifest as a strong self confidence.

Ametrine can help to heal physical, mental and emotional fatigue.

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